Tuesday, October 03, 2006

"That's PRINCESS SNOOPY to you!"

My daughter's Snoopy may just be the best dressed stuffed animal in all of Utah!

We had a road trip to pick up glasses from Costco yesterday. At McDonald's for lunch, my daughter got that Ariel 'Little Mermaid' crown that Snoopy is sporting. That crown was designed for someone with a smaller head.

This Happy Meal Toy was clearly not living up to the unrealistic yet surprisingly detailed expectations of a seven year old.

A bit of quick thinking, and deep seated fear of a meltdown on the first stop of the day, led Mom to say, "It might not fit you, but I am sure it will look stunning on Snoopy."

Phew, dodged that bullet...but I did have to promise to take a picture of our newest princess.

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