Saturday, October 07, 2006

Dog Art, it is not just poker games anymore...

I was checking out an auction of sketches from Project Runway. (I know it is not the healthiest of obsessions, but the show ends in two weeks and I should have a complete recovery.) Well, there is a sketch from the Dog Challenge done by Robert Best. This guy can really sketch and he not only sketched his outfit, he put the dog in the sketch. It is more a peice of art than I would have expected from a design sketch. I know it would look fantastic in my daughter's very pink, very girly bedroom. Besides, Robert is a designer for Barbie, which in my daughter's eyes makes him a REAL artist. But the bidding is already at $85 and there is 5 days to go.
(that puts it out of my budget for art at this time)

What is funny about all this is that she came home from a friends house with this drawing of a girl and a dog. It may not be done by a fashion fashion designer (well not yet anyway) but it should look good in her room.

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