Sunday, October 29, 2006

Oh, yeah, they have to been some of my dogs.

I was driving home the other day and spotted two dogs hanging out the back windows of the car in front of me. My favorite game, Do I Know That Dog. You might think I know every dog in Carbon County but most of the time I don't know the dogs I spot while driving. These two had me stumped a boxer and a yellow lab, that was a pretty unique combo. I couldn't remember a set of sibling dogs with a boxer and a lab of any shade. I guess those are not one of my dogs after all.

Then they passed my driveway and the two went nuts in the back seat. Oh, yeah, those have to be one of mine. Yes, of course, Daisy and Maggie. They aren't siblings - they are 'cousin dogs'. Daisy's sibling is Lady and as the resident Shitzu, she must be riding shotgun. Grandpa must have all the grand dogs out for a drive.

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