Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Don't I know you from somewhere?

Harley's owner asked me that and it turns out we used to be neighbors. His boxer Harley was fond of escaping his yard and coming over to hang out with my dogs.

There is a draw back to the fenceless, electronic containment system for dogs - one the vendors don't mention - all runaway dogs come to your house. However it did help me meet a number of my neighbors as I was returning their dogs.

Harley had a similiar system that he was willing to run through the beeps and the shock to get out of his yard, but not willing to subject himself to the same to go back home. So he hung out at my place. I had not seen him since we sold our house and moved back in 1997. I just have to get him together with my girls and see if they remember a buddy from when they were still puppies. Now that all three of them are old and going gray.

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