Sunday, March 12, 2006

Too much of a good thing?

So how many is too many dogs?

For my mom, the answer is one.

For me, it is two. As much as I loved Sammy Dog, three was really a hassle. Now I really don't know how it would be to have just one dog, we got two puppies at the same time under the theory that they would 'keep each other company'.

Salt Lake City and I think, Kanab, have just changed their dog and cat ownership rules. In Kanab, you can have 3 dogs still but the price just went through the roof. Dog licenses are now $100 for the second and $200 for the third. Salt Lake is doing something different, they aren't raising the rates, they are cutting the number of dogs you can legally have to 2 per household.

Now, I am of the belief that the number of kids is not as important as how you raise them. This applies to kids, dogs, cats, or even goldfish. If you can't feed them, pay attention to them, train them, and pay the medical bills on them - don't have them.

I am also in favor of licensing, that is for the dogs and cats, I assume you can keep track of the kids. The main purpose of city licensing is to make everyone get their shots, encourage spaying and neutering, and to be able to return a lost pet. Licenses is supposed to be helpful, not a punishment.

I don't know what Kanab was thinking when they decided to raise the rate higher than my gas bill. They are only punishing the law abiding citizen. If runaways are the problem, fine the tar out of those owners.

And what is with SLC? Do you really think that people will just get rid of an extra dog because the city regulations say so? There should have at least been a grandfather clause allowing owners to register dogs they already have. Can you image having to give up a dog you have had for 10 years or move? I'd move. So SLC, is going to have more unregistered dogs, or more older dogs turned into the shelters, or have people move away.

Here in progressive, friendly Carbon County you can have 3 dogs before you have to get a kennel license. And if you want your own pack, the kennel license is $25 and you have to have your place inspected by the staff at the animal shelter. The actual dog licenses are $5 for a neutered dog.

Save money, get more dogs, and move to Carbon County.
And when you go on vacation, you can park the dogs with me.

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