Friday, March 24, 2006

I always wondered what would happen if I used the electric dog collars on the kids...

I thought it would just get me killed by their grandmother. But, no, it will get you a call from the Department of Child and Family Services.

It seems that a man in Cedar City has been using a training collar to discipline his two boys, both are around 6 years old. He is facing charges, the kids are still with their mom who might be facing charges. The newspaper reported that there are no marks on the kids.

I have one of those collars, I can zap my dogs from up to a mile away. I use it when we are out in the desert and the deer are down out of the mountains. It works great at stopping a dog from chasing a deer. They zap like a static charge, it will definitely get your attention, but not hurt you. Well of course I tried it on me before I put it on my precious puppies.

I have often thought that people treat their dogs better than there kids. This guy is in deep doodoo for treating them the same.

I am interested to hear what happens in this case. It the zapper collar more punishing than spanking, or is it just because it is a 'dog' punisher?

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