Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Never a dull momet here at the Ranch.

I got up extra early today because I had a dog coming at 7am and because I thought I would be shoveling snow.

I got out of the shoveling duty. The snow we got last night stuck to the grass but melted off the driveway. This is a very good thing for a number of reasons: my driveway is beyond long, my husband is out of town, and my friend with the ATV who plows my drive is in London.

But I was up and out at 7am, which also turned out to be a good thing. The 7am dog never showed, but the phone rang and my neighbor asked me if I was missing a horse, since one had just run past her house.

'1,2,3,4, nope, got all of mine'

That is when the police showed up, the horse came back to my neighborhood, and ended up in my neighbor's driveway. I grabbed a rope lead and tried to help the police officer. Now, he is looking at me like I know something about horses and I don't want to admit that I am just a city kid from Chicago.

Well, Helper's finest got the horse to follow him down the irrigation ditch through a little gate and into my front pasture. I was very proud of him, and very relieved that I didn't have to do it.

That young horse is not getting the welcome wagon treatment from Paradise, but everyone else seems to be adjusting to the visitor. Pagan, in particular, is enjoying herself. This is the first time she isn't the bottom of the pecking order.

Well, the horse's owners just showed up with a trailer and took our runaway on home.

Get this the horse's name is Flash.

That Pagan hamming for the camera, or maybe she just thinks it is a snack. Flash in profile and Mia peaking over Flash's back.

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