Monday, March 13, 2006

Is the game on?

I have discovered yet another weird side effect of opening a dog kennel. I am now aware of major sporting events. You see, I am one of the most sport-a-ly challenged people in all of America. I was actually worried that my kids would not be able to name a football, baseball, or basketball when they went off to school. We watch NO sports in this house. The closest they have come to a sport is watching golf at Gram’s house or maybe a few seconds of fast forwarded football when I am stopping only to watch the commercials on the Super Bowl.

But now, I can tell you when the NASCAR races are in Las Vegas; when the state wrestling tournaments are; when BYU plays University of Utah, and so on. All of which is really wasted on me.

I once was banded from ‘buying a square’ on a gambling grid at my office back in Chicago because I asked who was playing and then said, “Oh, it is basketball season?” Gambling I understand, that the Chicago Bulls were going to the Championship; Gee, I must have missed that.

I’m not as bad as Uncle Victor who was once shocked that a quarterback could make the same spectacularly bad play twice in a row. Instant Replay.


RO'C said...

Ok, don't leave us hanging - why does running a dog kennel mean you are now up on major sports?

P.S. It's a great website, funny, newsy, and good dog tips. I recommend that you go "official". I've added it to the list of favorites that I'll check everyday.

yawningdog said...

Oh, that's easy. If you are turning people away over and over again for a freezing cold weekend in March; it's NASCAR in Vegas.