Friday, March 03, 2006

Grandparents raising the Grandkids....

I have read about a growing phenomenon of grandparents stepping in and raising their own grandchild. Did you know that it is happening for grand-dogs, too?

neither did I.

But I'd say a good 10% of my doggie clients started out as the 'kid's dog' and became 'mom's dog'. I just had a set of four dropped off yesterday, two are mom and dad's and two were contributed to mom and dad by one of their kids. I understand that they will be returning to a family of 2 dogs when said 'kid' gets their dog back this May. (I hope the 'kid' knows about this.)

funniest one has to been the 12 year old son who proudly brought home a dog one day, only to have his parent's remind him that he is deathly allergic to dogs. The dad, and still owner of the dog, explained that alfalfa is an excellent natural anti-allergen and he just stuffed tablet after tablet in. I had to ask "in the dog" or "in the kid"? (in the kid) I laugh because as I am listening to this story, I am watching that same son puff up and stuff up just dropping that same dog off - only it's about 10 years later.

I know my parents are willing to babysit the two legged grandkids, but they draw the line at the dogs. I would never have the guts to drop a dog off on my parents. They might keep the dog, but I would definitely be disowned.

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