Monday, January 16, 2006

THE RULES for Kids and Dogs

I have been trying to cover the basics of doggie etiquette with my kids.

Ask before petting.

Only pet in one direction.

Don’t pull their tails, Don’t open their ears, Don’t have anything to do with their mouths.

Don’t tease the dog (including ours).

Don’t bug them when they are eating.

Don’t wake a sleeping dog, especially by landing on her. (also applies to a napping mom)

That growl is a warning that you are hurting the dog.

If you don’t want your whole head licked, don’t come down to the kennel.

A friend of mine’s son was teasing their dog endlessly. And she had told him over and over again that eventually the dog will bite him. Obviously, this message was not getting through because the teasing continued. Finally, SHE bit her son and told him the dog will bite harder. Now, I don’t recommend this particular method of child discipline, but he did stop teasing the dog.

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