Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Once you have trained the dog; teach your kids the same commands.

I mentioned before that there are 6 commands that every dog should be taught.

Turns out that they apply to your kids, as well.

Before they leave your nest to enter the public school system your kid should be house broken, and know the following commands, no matter what form they come in. SIT – if you don’t want to send the kindergarten teacher screaming into the night, your 5 year old should be able to sit still for at least 15 minutes without the assistance of a cartoon. STAY – same idea but can involve standing as well. Practice this is the grocery store. ‘STAY with the cart, I forgot to get the milk.’ (Let me know how it goes, my kids haven’t mastered that one and the dogs only stay if they forget why they are lying there and fall asleep.) COME – Now for the kids I recommend ‘come here’ or ‘please, come here’; because they know you use that phrase and that tone on the dog and so do the neighbors. But like the dogs, the kids should get over to you after you ask once, not after you have called all the kids and dogs for a 5 block radius and the veins are popping out on your neck. GET, FETCH – kids version. ‘Will you get me…my book, the remote, your father?’ And like COME, you should only have to ask once. BRING and GIVE are really only for the dogs, as a rule the kids are not going to make you yank the remote out of their teeth. GIVE IT TO ME – now, you will use that more than you ever realized once you have 2 children. GET IN THE CAR – this is a phrase my dogs live for. They will get in other people’s car if the door is left open for more than a nanosecond. My children, however, are a very different story. There have been many morning spent yelling, ‘SOCKS, SHOES, COAT, CAR!!! LET’S GO! LET’S GO! LET’S GO!’ Usually all said at the top of my lungs and 5 minutes after we should have been pulling out the driveway.

Now a bit of advice on how to train your children; I went to a dog trainer that used choke collars to train the dogs. Worked great on the dogs, but it will definitely get you a call from Child's Services if you try it on the kids.

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