Thursday, January 19, 2006

The stuff you need to cover with your dog but no one tells you.

Some of these things I heard about in time to use them on my dogs as puppies, others fall into the 'when I have another dog, I will definitely do' category.

While your dog is still a puppy,


Touch his ears, paws, and tail

Get them used to brushing

Bother them while they are eating

Take toys away from them

Make really loud noises around them

Take them for rides in the car

Have bikes ridden near them

Expose your puppy to puppies, dogs, cats, and kids

You should be able to do all these things without the dog complaining. (growling or snapping)


Play tug of war, eventually they will get big enough to win
Let them jumping up with out you asking them to
Continue to be afraid of loud noises, the car, a truck, bikes, other dogs or kids.

You might want to remember these things when you have 'real' kids.

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