Sunday, January 15, 2006

I am going on a dog-free vacation.

I am off to my parents. They really just want to see my kids, but I am the only way to get them to Arizona.

My parent's don't have any pets since Mandy died. Mandy was a cat that lived a very long time. From kindergarten into grad school. I never had a dog as a kid.

(you will have to hear the 'my parent's really did send the dog to live on a farm' story of my brother's dog. It is chapter: The Seven Great Lies of Adulthood of my baby and dog book. Yup, I am writing a book. This blog is just a way of collecting new material)

So when we go to Arizona, my kids look for other people's dogs. So do I. Whenever we take a walk or go for a ride in the golf cart, we have to stop at any dog out for a walk. I have taught the kids to ask the owners "What is your dog's name?" and "Can I pet your dog." Funny thing about this is that my daughter does not start with a 'Hi' or 'Hello'. She starts with asking to pet the dog. We get quite a few, "My dog doesn't like kids." or " be petted." or "...strangers."

These statement never deter my daughter for a second. It puts me on alarm, though. I don't get this. We asked, nicely I might add, and you said your dog is not friendly; yet you are bringing it to my kids and having them put their heads in your dogs face.

Now most of the time, the owners are surprised at how much their dog likes my kids. But really folks, if you dog doesn't like kids - WALK AWAY.

If your dog is nice, well trained, and under your control - there isn't going to be a problem. Why are you apologizing for your dog's bad behavior before it happens or that isn't going to happen. There must be something to this phenomenon - it is like people apologizing for their messy house that is in perfect order.

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