Thursday, June 28, 2007

Working Too Hard

As I have mentioned before, if feeding your dog involves more than 3 items or 3 steps, you are WORKING TOO HARD.

And therefore, you are working me too hard and turning me into a short order cook.

This Missy, not only does Missy have more than three ingredients, she gets more than 3 meals. This going beyond 'too much work', to 'too much food' for such a little dog.

In the morning, Missy gets a small bowl of milk. Which I am proud to say that I have remember every morning without having to run back to the house and back upstairs to get. After the morning playtime, I am to give her a peanut butter biscuit, broken in half, and two of those mini t-bone treats (Which I must say are the coolest looking of all dog treats). She is also to have a bowl of dry kibble in her run in case she gets hungry throughout the day. At dinner time she gets a half of a pouch of wet food. This was the one I kept forgetting upstairs in the frig.

So far, she has eaten her steaks but none of the peanut butter biscuits. She ate her wet food the first few days, but that has just been nibbled on lately. She does like her milk in the mornings. And of course, the kibble is just getting dusty.

I will have to have a chat with her owners. I was thinking about the shear volume of food offered to the dog and it exceeds the volume I feed to my 60 and 80 pound labs. I think I can cut their dog food expenses down quite a bit.

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