Thursday, June 07, 2007

With All This 'Getting Comfortable' with the Kennel, Comes Some Annoying Side Effects

Yesterday, I was just delighted that Jaxson had re-curled up his tail and was playing happily with the big dogs. I was equally excited that Buddy is now one of the dogs and having a good time.

Only they have just gotten a little too comfortable at the ranch and are making a pain in my tush out of themselves.

When Jaxson was still just a bit overwhelmed by the bigger dogs, he would run right into his kennel. Now that he gets 'play time', I have to catch him and put him in his kennel. Before I was his savior and he would run right into my hands. Now, I am the enemy that puts an end to all his fun and I really have to 'catch' him.

Buddy spent those early stays completely freaked out and completely silently in his kennel run. Now that he is out and about and 'being a dog', he has found his voice and it is loud and persistent.

I now have happier, more socialized, less fearful dogs...with atrocious manners.

Well, there is always the next stay to work on that.

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