Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Most Creative Mistake

I have really done it this week. I have messed up my dog calendar in the most spectacularly creative way. I managed to cancel the reservation of Jaxson when I was supposed to cancel the reservation of Jax, also spelled with an X, the week after.

I worry about doing just this sort of thing so I always ask about the starting date or check the phone number. I wish I had checked the phone number this time. When Jax's owner called, I asked, "Monday the fourth, Right?" He didn't remember that I had a note to call when a kennel opened but he did say "Yes" to the date question. So, I erase Jaxson off the calendar.

Then I managed to remember a client who had called early looking for this weekend who hadn't wanted to be on a wait list. I was even able to track down his number from an old calendar page. I was so proud of myself. That is until Jaxson's owners called to confirm his, 'call when a kennel is open' drop off. Yikes! I could not figure out what I had done, but I told his owner to bring him, this was my problem and I would make it work.

Then there was the frantic panic trying to figure out EXACTLY how I had done such a thing as canceling a dog that wasn't supposed be deleted.

That is when I noticed the second 'Jax' scheduled for the next week. Oh, I see what happened.

Before I erase another 'Jax' from this calendar I called the owners and they did cancel their reservation. His owner even mentioned that he 'confirmed the date'. So I asked him, "Saturday the sixteenth?" To which I got another "Yes". Only thing is that his reservation was for Friday. It seems that asking the date gets me a 'yes' no matter what. I will stick to asking phone numbers, it is safer.

I figure that doggie karma will save me from an extra dog, it does more often than not.

I'm so glad he came Jaxson is a cutie pie and having fun with the big dogs.

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