Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Another Visit From My Usual Runaway

I headed down to the dogs for the dinner shift, proud of myself for finally having remembered to bring Missy her dinner out of the frig, only to find a dog waiting for me at the play yard gate.

ESCAPE! That is the first thing that goes through my head, soon to be replaced by 'What is that dog's name?' and 'Why can't I remember his name?'

Oh well, I will be happy to open the gate for you. He seemed a bit impatient with me, like he had been made to wait longer than he really liked.

So much for saving myself a trip back to the house and back upstairs to retrieve Missy's dinner, I had to go up and find his mom's number.

His name is Drake and I saved his mom's number after the second time he scaled the fence and came for a visit.

No fence climbing this time - he went through a screen this time. I don't think they will ever be able to confine this dog, but at least we know where he is headed when he cuts loose.

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