Monday, June 11, 2007

A Very Big Doggie Time-out

Maggie has had to solo it for the past few days. I feel bad, she is not really having any fun but she bit another dog and so alone is how she has to stay. Maggie has been giving me quite a beating since she got here. When she is excited to see me, she jumps up and just strafes me with her claws. I can sometimes pet her, but if she starts to get excited, I start to get bruises. She is a big girl and when she wants love, she demands love. I have tried all my Dog Whisperer techniques to get her to stop, but no luck.

I finally had to put her on one side of the play yard for a time out. When I let her back instead of making a bee-line for me, she ran up to BB and started a fight. BB ended up with a cut ear and Maggie is on solo play time.

Sorry Maggie, but if you can't play nice you can't play at all.

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