Monday, January 08, 2007

My Salvation

The Blue Racquetball.

I was complaining to one of my clients about the dogs' ability to destroy tennis balls faster than I can buy them. He told me he only buys Blue Hand Balls for his dog.

I figured it was worth a try. I could only find Racquetballs, but they are blue and they seem to be holding up. This hasn't been a very rigorous test of the life span of a blue racquetball - I only have 3 dogs in the kennel. One of them was Roxy and she had one wedged in her teeth for at least 3 days straight. I have yet to have to clean up a pile of blue rubber shreds - I take that as a positive sign.

Only problem so far is that they are smaller than tennis balls and therefore harder to find. I did discover that you can kick them and get a much more satisfactory flight than that of a kicked tennis ball. This is important attribute to remember once the ball is no longer blue, but rather a lumpy brown conglomeration of spit and dust.

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