Sunday, January 21, 2007

Snow is just Mother Nature's way of saying," You Don't Have to Scoop the Poop!"

But Buddy, watch out for the thaw!

Down in the play yard I have to scoop snow or no snow. That is what has lead to my extreme talents in chipping out and removing the frozen solid dog turd. The play yard is kept dog turd free to the best of my ability.

My yard, however is another story. Between my two dogs and all of my client dogs that just have to leave a calling card, it is mess. If we get a day above 32 degrees around here and my front yard will be headed into the bio-hazard level of dirty. I think I better get out there while they are still in a benign frozen state before they resume their land mine characteristics.

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Jen said...

Boy howdy do I hear that one! We have three bullmastiffs and last year we let the yard go until the "spring thaw".. oh good lord it was horrid!

Fortunatly, this year has been relatively mild so we can do it now and again... frozen poo is much easier to pick up!