Monday, July 17, 2006

I just want to say, "Ouch"

Cotton, my favorite kennel eating dog, has been saving my hide since he got here. Cotton allows only love for Cotton. He circles me and leans on my legs and runs interference for any dog that tries to come up to me. Normally, he would get a scolding for hogging all the love, but this weekend is full of bouncy, jumpy, ricochet dogs. I have more bruises than I want to admit. So Cotton is free to hog all of my attention.

The first time Cotton stayed with me, he pulled the door panel off and actually ate a part of it. That was when I switched from particle board doors to aluminum. At other stays, I learned to leave his door open at night. Of course, I reminded the dog sitter about Cotton's fear of enclosure, but forgot it when he came again. He pulled the metal door out along with the door's frame and part of the wall.

Oh yeah, no door for Cotton, I remember now.

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