Friday, July 14, 2006

I have become a Helper Landmark

Something I noticed when I moved to Utah. Everyone gives directions in the terms of “Just Past …” Fill in the blank with a store. The real trouble for a newcomer is that the store name is probably the original store name and not what it is currently called. The next problem is that “Just Past” can mean a block, a mile, 30 miles or 300 miles.

Walmart is JUST PAST Pizza Hut.

Wellington is JUST PAST Walmart.

Colorado is JUST PAST Wellington.

As long as it is the next big thing you come to after passing the landmark it is “Just Past”.

My husband over heard two teenage girls talking and one was trying to give the other directions.

“It is just past The Yawning Dog Ranch.”

“Where is that?”

“You know, you go by it all the time.”

“Oh yeah, the one with the big blue dog.”

Gee, maybe I don’t have to describe where I live by naming the old owners anymore.

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