Thursday, July 27, 2006

Project Runaway did go to the dogs

At least, it was not a dog in a purse. The dogs were all small, but no minis.

The designers had to make an outfit for the owner and for her dog and a little story to explain what she was doing and what she was wearing. I, personally, would have found the clothes easier to make up than the story.

The dogs were all adorable and very well behaved, in my opinion. If someone tried to put a fur collared jacket on my dogs, they would probably end up wearing it themselves. Inertia put up with a lot from my daughter, but always managed to call off the dress-up at the point she was wearing only jewelry. (I wonder if I can find that picture of Inertia and her massive amount of garage sale emeralds?)

One dog did end up in a purse. One of the designers doesn't like dogs and instead decided to carry her 'model' back to the work room in a purse that had to have cost in the four digit range. Talk about traveling in style.

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