Sunday, July 16, 2006

I can't believe that no one called the cops on me.

I had the barkiest group of dogs since I opened. They would get started in the middle of the night and go for about a half an hour, take a break and start again.

I went down to the kennel about 6am. My usual routine is to wake them around 7am to give my neighbors a break because as soon as I open the door the place just explodes with noise.

But not Friday morning, when I slammed that door shut they knew I was mad. They all stopped barking, if only for a few seconds. I was livid, I was thinking that all my neighbors probably had their windows open just like me and that no one in a 3 or 4 block radius got any sleep. Those dogs barked so loud it sounded like every window in the kennel was open! I was ready to return a couple of them to their owners in the form of a throw rug. But you can't really get away with that, but I am sure the dogs thought I was capable of it.

So on Friday, each of the dogs wore an antibark collar for about an hour. A couple of them obviously had worn one before because they stopped barking while it was still in my hand.

We had a much quieter night that day.

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