Saturday, July 29, 2006


I would first like to say that there are about eleventy-billion tennis balls in the play yard. All in different levels of deterioration from nearly new to missing all the fuzz to popped apart and so covered in spit and dust that they are indistinguishable from the surrounding dirt.

But Sadie has a favorite one. It used to be red and it used to be round, but now it resembles one of those donut peaches, doesn't bounce when it hits the ground any more and is only red when she chews off the dirt.

And once again, Sadie, if you want me to throw THAT ball, you have to let me have THAT ball.

Sadie does try to give it to me, I am just not fast enough. She drops the ball at my feet and immediately recatches it. Especially if there is another dog within 5 feet of us. This can go on for awhile. 10 or 20 drops and recatches before she will finally leave the ball long enough for me to retrieve it. This is really slowing down the play session. I tried Cotton's trick of throwing a different ball to get her to drop the one she has, but that only worked about two times. She wants her ball thrown and no other.

I am in big trouble today, HER BALL, ended up in the gutter of the kennel building. I'd better show up today with a ladder or there is going to be hell to pay.

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