Saturday, May 20, 2006

Slow Motion – Hot Dog Fight

It has gotten very hot, very fast here. Normally, we have a prolonged Spring that lets you work in the yard into June. But not this year, it feels like July already. The dogs are all molting and I have a kennel full of fur. But yesterday’s playtime was really funny due to the heat.

I am sitting in between the kennel building and a storage shed. It is the only shady place around lunch time. It is really more like a hallway than anything else. So there I am with a fluffy white poodle named Jasper on my lap watching Brewster and Tobit wrestle around. When it dawns on me that they are moving in slow motion. It’s a Hot Dog Fight. They played for about 20 minutes, never left the little space of shade, and did all of their moves at about half speed.

Of course, this would be a excellent opportunity to get a picture of a Boxer in action. But no, I forgot the camera this time.

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