Monday, May 29, 2006

It was Yellow Lab Day at the Ranch

I had 4 Yellow Labs. As the mother of two matching Black Labs, I am used to calling the dogs by the wrong name. Heck, my mother called me by my sister's name since she left for college, that was 1974. (She still does) But yesterday must have been a record even by my standards for calling the wrong dog.

There are Maggie and Sadie, they are sisters a year apart. The owners liked the first one so much they got another puppy from the same parents. They are smarter than me who just got two puppies at the same time which is a house breaking nightmare. At least, one of mine has a white mark to tell them apart, Maggie and Sadie are virtually identical.

Then there are Molly and Winnie, one black, one yellow lab and I have never figure out what name goes with each but since they are always together it is really a problem.

And then there is Shane. Shane Thayn actually. His mother always wanted a boy named Shane, but when she married a Thayn she decided the name would only work on a dog. Shane I can spot, he is the biggest Yellow Lab I have ever seen.

It was also Ladies Weekend. They out number the boys 10 to 2.

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