Sunday, May 07, 2006

Ineany, Meany, Miney, Moe...

So how do you pick a puppy?

A friend just emailed a picture of his new puppy, a teacup poodle. I was surprised, first that he even got a dog and second, a poodle? That breed is not what I would have pictured for him. My husband informs me that this guy's dad had a poodle when they were young.

So how do you pick your dog?

Get the same one you had as a kid? By the breed's reputation or rumor? What is cute on commercials, on TV shows, or in the movies? By detailed research or 'gosh, that's a cute one' impulse?

Another friend was set on getting a miniature sheltie, and I was aghast. I really thought that breed would be too barky, too hyper, and too nippy to do well with her two girls. It seems that someone else has convinced her of the same idea. So what kind of dog? Bichon? Poodle? Or my favorite, Mutt? I say try for a Shepard/Lab cross, not too big, plenty happy, and kid friendly.

So how do you pick your dog?

I got mine with the 'gee, my husband always wanted a dog' logic. I found my two puppies when trying to retrieve a large metal bowl. I had set it out on the porch to feed the birds and a very large, very red dog took off with it. That is how I came to meet DeeDee and her litter of 7 jet black puppies. "Gee, my husband always talked about getting a dog. Are you giving the puppies away?"

That impulse was followed by the equally logical, yet completely unthought through, "Why don't we get two, they will keep each other company?"


Z said...

It's not a teacup poodle. It's a miniature poodle (which is actually the middle size, a good sized dog). It's just small because it's a puppy. When we got her, she weighed 4.8 pounds, as of Saturday, now 5.9 pounds. That's a 23% increase in less than 2 weeks!


yawningdog said...

Which is why I need to buy that dog breed poster. Guesting a dogs breed wrong gets the same reaction as telling a new mother that she has a very cute baby boy when in reality she has a very cute baby girl, all decked out in a pink frilly dress, no less.