Thursday, May 11, 2006

Sick as a Dog. Why do they say that, the dogs are the healthiest ones in the house.

Sorry about the lack of postings, but everone in the house has been sick lately. Except the dogs, they are just fine. Between the preschool, the grade school, and the college, we get pretty much any germ that hits Carbon County. My husband had strep, and my son had bronchitis so bad he couldn't breath, and I, as usual, got the barfies. Everyone has bounced back now, except the house it is looking a little under the weather.

All these medicines made me think of the day I tried to give cough syrup to about 9 dogs. There was so much red goop all over me and the entire kennel that it looked like a bad science fiction movie.

One morning in February of last year, I went down to the kennel and it sounded like a TB ward. After reprimanding the dogs to cut their smoking back to a pack a day - I freaked out and called the Vet. Because I am a high level worrier, I can work with little or no material, jump to a conclusion faster than anyone I know, and always land at the worst case scenario. KENNEL COUGH. That is a real dog disease, and I know it is bad because they have a shot for it. They only make shots for the really bad stuff, so this must be really bad.

Until I talked to the Vet - I love my vet, he answers all of my panicky calls and doesn't laugh at me at all. He told me that it can't be Kennel Cough because 1) I only have dogs with their shots and 2) it takes 2 weeks to come down with it not an overnight. He told me to give them all a dose of Robitussin.

I hate that stuff. My kids hate that stuff. Turns out dogs also hate that stuff. So there I am bottle in one hand, baby medicine syringe in the other. I am sure you can picture the results. By the time I got to the other end of the kennel, the bottle was empty and my hair had absolutely no chance of ever having a cough ever again.

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sharon fernleaf said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better :)