Thursday, September 03, 2009

Eeekkk! Snake!

I managed to get scared brainless by the same snake, twice. I mean once is to be expected, but when you know he is there and you are actively looking for him, to be jumping and squealing like a little girl for a second time is just embarrassing. Sorry, didn't have the camera with me for a picture.

I was headed down for the lunch time playtime and was carrying two buckets of hot water. I was about to step onto the concrete step of my kennel when it moved. There was a 5' gopher snake lying in the grass against the concrete. He started moving about as fast I was jumping and squealing. He headed under the peach tree and I opened the door and headed for the safety of the kennel building.

After carefully checking on my way back out the door, I let Tessie out for her playtime. I quickly went around the corner to make sure the snake hadn't headed into the play yard. I couldn't see him, so I figured he was still in the deep grass under the peach tree.

So, playtime is over and I am headed back into the kennel. I need to clean a couple of runs. I now know there is a snake and I am looking for the snake. Not until he moved again did I see him. He was curled up on the concrete right next to the door. More jumping and squealing from me, more fleeing from him. I think he will be finding a new warm spot to sun in.

I do hope he gets back to work on the mouse population. I spotted a mouse in my kitchen this morning. We got the house sealed up good about 5 years ago, so this is the first mouse in ages. This is a bad sign for the mice to be looking for winter homes this early. Long, cold winter ahead of us? I definitely see mouse traps in my future.

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