Sunday, September 20, 2009

Not a Paid Endorsement

I guess we all have to say stuff like that these days.

I didn't buy these things and the company didn't send it to me. An owner sent them along with the pills to put inside and the dog to put the whole thing inside.

Over the phone, I was surprised to hear that they were having trouble getting their dog to take his thyroid pills. Funny, they usually just love those little liver flavored thyroid pills. I found out why he was so reluctant to take his pills; these were the regular old, not good tasting, human thyroid pills. They are also so tiny, you would never be able to tell if you got them down or just lost them on the floor.

These pill pockets have been a god send. I am really impressed. I have always used peanut butter on my dogs, but this seems even easier. I will have to check the price, though. Could get expensive if your dog takes them every day. Though I did figure out that you only need to use half of each to get the pill down.

I couldn't get Buddy the dachshund to take his pill at all yesterday and even with all my experience, I couldn't get his mouth open for a stuff it down technique. I decided to borrow one of these pockets and that pill went straight down. I think I am sold. I might just keep some in stock. Definitely beats that empty feeling in your stomach as you are considering prying open a doberman's mouth each morning.

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