Thursday, September 17, 2009

Not Exactly Traveling Light

These guys are much smaller than the size of their combined 'stuff'.

I have to laugh at the owners sometimes, they are worried about how their dogs are "very spoiled." Like they are the only ones. People who are worried about leaving their dogs tend to over do..the toys, the bedding, or the food. On a rare occasion, I get too much of all three.

Rarely, does the over packing last more than a couple of stays. As soon as the humans are more comfortable with the dogs hanging with me - the less stuff, the less fluff, and the less extensive the food supply.

Rambo and Dory, here, take the record for the most toys. Their kennel looks like a Petsmart threw up in it. Much in the same way, my living room looks like Toys-R-US barfed all over it.

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