Friday, September 04, 2009

Can One Actually Be Loved to Death?

This will be the weekend to test the theory. Smokey, all 100+ pounds of her, loves me. And it has definitely crossed that fine line between love and stalking.

She is all over me, rubbing up against me, jumping on me, covering me with slobber. She shows absolutely no interest in the other dogs, just me. I am trying all my dog whisperer tricks of pushing her with my thighs like another dog would do to move her. I have tried turning my back on her, which is supposed to mean 'I don't want to play' in dog body language. All that got me was a big strafe down my back. Earlier, I was able to hold her off for awhile by carrying around the pooper scooper and the pan.

Tonight, I just gave up and saved myself. I stuck her and the other big dogs on one side of the gate and hung out with the little dogs.

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