Thursday, June 11, 2009

Silent Night?!!

Tuesday night was like everyother night before it. I close all the dog doors and then I give a bedtime biscuit to each of the dogs, either one of mine or one their parents sent.

Then I say "Good Night!" to each of them by name.

And when I am about to leave and turn off the lights, I say, "Night, Night doggies! Be good doggies and don't bark, I will see you in the morning!" Then I step out and close the door.

Been saying the same thing for just shy of 7 years now.

When I stepped out that door on Tuesday, I was met with something that hasn't been heard around the kennel in weeks - SILENCE.

It was really lovely.

I know it won't last, there is a Beagle in there, but it was both nice and surprising.

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