Sunday, June 21, 2009

Just Not Goofy's MO

Goofy might 'love' me, but he usually isn't that big on dogs. He doesn't play with the other dogs, he doesn't really react to them either. He usual interaction is to latch onto a small dog and follow it around endlessly while barking at it.

Yes, Goofy does often cross that fine line between 'love' and 'stalking'.

For the most part, the little dogs just completely ignore Goofy. They do end up with a Goofy spit covered back but otherwise not put out by Goofy's attention.

For the first time, Goofy has attached himself to a big dog, Shilo. Goofy has never picked on someone his own size before.

And is he ever attached. I have also never seen him so focused. So focused that I was able to comb out all of his underfur off his rear end without him even noticing me.

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