Saturday, June 27, 2009

Found a Dog

Well, I did everything I could. Last night, I called the police and had the Helper Police keep an eye out for her. I also attempted to look for her at her house and at her Aunt's house.

This morning I called the Animal Shelter and notified them to call me on any 'found' dog calls.

My next move was to call Barter Bar on Monday so that pretty much everyone in the county would know about Sugar. I wasn't as worried about coyotes or cats getting her as someone finding her and deciding to keep her.

After that, all I get to do is worry. And we all know how good I am at that.

As I wasn't sleeping last night, I was telling myself the she is not wandering around. She may have wandered away from me, but once it was dark, she probably is hunkered down somewhere waiting for morning.

I think I might I have been right about that and not just trying to talk myself into some sleep.

Sugar was found in the parking lot of the building across Main Street from her house. Gee, I almost parked there last night. Her Aunt thinks that since she has been scolded so many times for being in Main Street that she was headed home but afraid to cross the last road.

Yeah, all's well that ends well.

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Ruth said...

This is good to know! so glad she is home safe.