Sunday, July 29, 2007

It's PUG DAY at the Ranch!

Yes, we are completely over run with pugs. I have been racking my brain trying to remember if I have any other 'pug' clients or are they all here this weekend. The only one I can come up with is Chug, the CHUG - CHichuahua, PUg mix.

Pug, the pug.




Though not a pug directly, Shadow has had two litters of Puggles. So she counts as part of the Pug family. Seeing how tiny she looks now only makes me realize how hugely pregnant she was when she was here last. I was a nervous wreck that weekend. To mangle a movie quote, "I don't know nothing about birthing no puppies!"

I am really impressed with how Shadow has gotten her girlish figure back. She has had 2 litters of 7 puggles each. I only had two kids and nothing went back to where it came from after that.

The pug tails have me completely amused.

I think this tells me that Pug is not all Pug.

This is Odie uncurling his tail. I didn't realize they could do that. It is pretty amazing to watch. I didn't think I would be able to get a picture of it, but it turns out that having someone take a picture of his tail, was enough to make him tuck it.

Speaking of tucked tails, Parker is making himself a nervous wreck. He is the biggest dog here and he is scared of everything. He had his tail tucked so far on the first day, I though he was giving himself a wedgie. I don't know why he is intimidated by all these little dogs, his brother is Odie, it is not like he never saw a pug before.

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