Monday, July 16, 2007

Goofy Has Lost His Mind

Of all the dogs in the kennel, he has decided to stalk Flip. Now, Goofy has never attached himself to anything bigger than a bread box before. In all honesty, he usually sticks to smaller than a loaf of bread. What the attraction that brought on this perverse pairing, I will never know.

When it first started, I was worried that Flip was going to give Goofy hell and I was going to have the fight of my life on my hands. Nope. Flip is acting like all the other, much littler dogs - he is just trying to stay away from Goofy with not a lot of luck.

I decide this has to end when Flip won't even come out of his kennel. I grab Goofy's collar and attempt to steer this mountain of fur into the far side of the play yard. Goofy turns his head put his whole mouth on my hand to tell me 'NO!' Oh, I am so sorry buddy, you don't get to tell me 'no'. Goofy promptly spent that playtime in time-out in his run. I figured he would learn a lesson about who is in charge and Flip would get a chance to relax. Nope. Flip decided to go back to harassing Sassy who wants no more to play with Flip than Flip wants to play with Goofy.

See, dogs are really like 2 years olds. They know when they hate something that happens to them, but are completely incapable of seeing that same bad behavior when they themselves do it.

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