Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I got some bad news

One of my favorite dogs has died. Izzy was a great dog, a real player. He had so much fun whenever he came here, and so did all the other dogs. I, in turn, had a great time watching him.

The last time he was here, about a month ago, he just wasn't acting like himself. He was being very timid around the other dogs, fearful even. This was just not the 'life of the party' dog that I was used to getting. Izzy was more known for his high speed and lack of steering.

My thought was that Izzy had been attacked by another dog. I have seen a dog bite turn the most socialized dog into one that just spends all of its time anticipating the next bite. It is really sad.

I asked his mom about his behavior and she too thought he wasn't himself lately. She thought that either he was sick or that the neighbor kid had been mean to him. She was going to take him to the vet. Her call the next day was a shock to me, Izzy was really ill. He had gotten some of the tainted dog food and his kidneys had been damaged. The vet was taking care of him and she thought he would be okay.

I spoke to Izzy's mom on Sunday, checking on Izzy's place on the waiting list. I asked how he was doing and she said he still wasn't himself, but okay. I got on the phone to double check all the reservations hoping there would be a cancellation for Izzy. He is one of my favorites.

She called me last night, so that I wouldn't call her with an opening for Izzy. His kidneys had failed and she had to put him to sleep. I am so sorry about Izzy and his mom, it is a really great loss.

This is the only dog that I know of that was killed by the bad dog food, but my heart goes out to any owner who lost their dog.

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