Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ouch! The Flying Leap of Love Crosses the Line into Corporal Punishment

It was bad enough with Indie and Cole jumping up on me at every opportunity. They are pretty small and I was mostly worried about my shins and calves being destroyed. Then came Kodi and his sister, Hannah. They are the big kids this week and they are all about getting me to join in their fun. Turns out their definition of fun includes starting their nails at my shoulder blades and working their way down.

I was trying to document this horrible doggie sitter abuse by holding the camera over my head. Guess what I hurts more when it is the shoulder down on the front. What I won't suffer for a good picture.

All of this has me hoping for cold weather so that I can wear my heavy canvas coat and save my own hide. In the mean time I am using my tennis racket as a defensive weapon.

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