Thursday, September 04, 2008


I have a couple of brand new clients this week, Cole and Indie.

Being the new kid is always a little stressful around here. When you are the new dog, everyone wants to meet you, right away, and all at once. No cocktail party ever had the intensity of greeting that the play yard can muster up. That is a lot of butt sniffing for any dog to endure. Cole had it evener harder than usual. First, whenever a dog arrives they are always the new kid to the rest of the group, even if they have been here eleventy billion times. Cole was not only the new kid, this was his first visit to the ranch plus the first time he had ever been boarded, any where. Tough day for the little guy.

What made it worse was that he got stuck as the new kid from Sunday to Tuesday night. Everyone else is here for the long haul and it wasn't until Tuesday after dinner that someone else, Indie, got to take the title of new kid.

Cole very much enjoyed passing the title on and joined in the group in an overly enthusiastic welcome to Indie.

Now that the meet and greet sniffing is over, the newbies have banded together and are having a blast.

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