Friday, September 05, 2008

Thank God For The NO SHOW!

Wow, I never said that before. 'No Shows' are usually greeted with much more colorful language. But, this weekend I have an extra set of dogs, so having someone blow me off was a good thing.

I was having a heck of a time with 'No Shows' a couple of years ago. It was just driving me mad. My husband suggested that I start taking credit card numbers, just like hotel do. No one forgets to cancel a hotel reservation anymore. That would work up until someone figured out that I don't have a credit card machine. Instead, I starting making a point of taking phone numbers and to call and confirm everyone's reservations. I try to do this on the Monday of each week for that weekend's guests. Let's not talk about all the times that the calls made on Thursday or not at all.

Yesterday, I was waiting, impatiently, for someone who was supposed to arrive 'Before 10am' as I had to take my baby to a 10am doctor's appointment. I gave up at 9:45 and headed into Price. I was waiting for the call on my cell to tell me they got to my place and I was gone, but that never happened. I got home to no new dogs and they ever did show up yesterday. (This has to be the one reservation in months that got written down without a phone number.)

Gee, I wonder what Thurday, before 10am that they are really going to show up for?

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