Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I'd Like My Usual Room, Please!

I try to put dogs in the same kennels each time they come. It doesn't always work out, but for the most part dogs have a 'usual room'. I thought that it made them feel more secure that they had a room of their own here. Maybe a bit too secure.

Last time Buddy was here, the first kennel wasn't open for him to have his regular room. So I stuffed him in two doors down without giving it any thought. When I tried to grab his collar and steer him away from kennel number 1 to kennel number 3, he made a pass at taking a chunk out of my hand. I wouldn't have been more surprised if he had stood on his hind legs and did a River Dance. This is the calmest, nicest dog in the world. Okay, so he is serious about his room, but otherwise really nice.

Needless to say, BB got kicked out of kennel number 1 when Buddy showed up yesterday. See, I can be taught.

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