Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Computer Acts Like It Is Going To Die Any Day Now

So I decided to take my own advice and BACKUP my files.

So, I cleaned up My Documents and put all the loose files in the folders they belonged in. Then I did the same for My Pictures. Yikes, I can't back up My Pictures because it is over 10 GB. The backup DVD only holds 4.4 gigabytes.

Man, that is a lot of pictures.

Oh gee! 6.6 GB of those picture are in the 'blog' folder.

Man, that is a lot of DOG pictures.

I believe some editing will be required. And as I start cleaning out 3 years of dog photos, I have learned a few facts. One, I take far too many pictures of dog's butts, dog backs, and dog legs. Two, that I have a preponderance of photos that show only the ground. Three, that I can still recognize and name dogs going back to 2005. Wow. And finally, and something I didn't know. I keep taking the same photo of the same dog - over and over again.

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