Monday, August 11, 2008

Keeping an Eye on the Competition

Today's Salt Lake Tribune had a article about a new luxury pet hotel. I am headed up past Point of the Mountain, tomorrow, so maybe I will go and see this pet palace for myself.

They are offering personal TV's, phone booths so you can chat with your dog, supervised playtime, special treats and a vet on site.

I thought about installing a TV down in the kennel, that way I could deduct my cable bill. I don't let you chat with your dog, but I am happy to chat endlessly with you about your dog. I would love a vet on site, but we will all have to settle for my panicked phone calls to Dr. Thayn.

I am dying to see the facilities, but I can tell you that my dogs probably never will. As a rule, I balk at paying more for my dog's lodging than my own. Basic dog care starts at $29 and 'suite' for your dog is $39. They also charge for extra playtime $9, and $3 for an 'ice cream' snack. They also charge $2 for administering pet medicine. Gee, here I am cramming pills down a Doberman's throat for nothing.

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