Sunday, May 06, 2007

Once again, No Photos

I wrote up that post about how Terry has been wrestling with anybody and everybody. I figured that I could fill in the photos at the next play time. Easy, right? No, for the first ten minutes of play time, Terry, Miss Daisy and Moe just ran in great circles with any one of them in the lead with a toy in their mouth. Everyone else was just milling around not doing much. I was actually getting some photos with THE WHOLE DOG in the picture because the dogs were actually standing still.

And then my camera turned itself off. Oops, no batteries. Within seconds, Davey, Terry and Moe were in a wrestling match that sounded like a war. Tuck the camera into my pocket and break out the tennis balls.

See, sometimes it is not my fault that I miss the great pictures.

Then again, I am the one who forget to charge the darn thing.

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