Sunday, May 06, 2007

Since I couldn't get pictures of them in action....

I will just have to find pictures of them that are in focus.

Daisy, much quieter with a tennis ball in her mouth. I have to remember that.

Davey, he looks like the first dog I ever baby sat. Her name was Molly and she was owned by my neighbors back in Chicago when I was a kid. I never thought my job as house and pet sitter in high school would become my career.

This is Roo. This is not how he normally looks. He is usually much furrier. This must be his summer cut. I keep telling people, "If you can't put your tomatoes out until after Memorial Day in Utah, don't shave the dog until then!" It has been snowing, sleeting, and generally back to winter this weekend and I have 4 dogs with their summer cuts just freezing.

This is Moe. I know you can barely see her, but this is her favorite spot. She has claimed a toy and is hiding it and herself from everybody else. This is Moe's hobby, toy hoarding and hiding.

This is Shadow. He is a love bug. I have to get the story on his name from his owners. Most Shadows are black dogs, but I do have one other that is a beagle. She got her name because she was a little boy's 'shadow' when they first got her.

And Harley, always the MOUNTER, never the MOUNTEE, and lets all try to remember that!

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