Saturday, May 05, 2007

Are You Playing or Not?

I was just asking myself that question with the dogs I have this weekend. I just can't decide if Harley, Miss Daisy, and Davey are playing with Terry or getting sick of this non-stop motion, and puppy lack of impulse control, steering and manners.

It made me think of the week with Hank and Bandit. By Friday, I knew they had made friends but for the first couple of days I kept separating them. I knew the Hank was just playing but I also knew that Hank was oblivious to the fact that Bandit was not.

The little bit of a dog is Cuddles, Bandit's little sister. And like any little sister worth her salt, she would dart in whenever Hank and Bandit were wrestling and bit her big brother on the ankle.

I have stuck the camera in my coat so I won't forget it for the next play time.

I was thinking that Hank and Terry would make an excellent match. I hope that works out sometime. I won't forget the camera for that match up.

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