Thursday, March 29, 2007

Well it is Springtime in Utah!

Which can and will mean anything and everything. We had a week of summer, that the contractors missed as they were delayed on another project. And now we have a week of winter, which coincides with the removal of all the interior lath and plaster from my house's downstairs level. Not that is was ever that warm before (no insulation) but now with the heat off, it is an ice box.

Actually, my refrigerator is working too good. The milk comes out so cold I can't drink it. They are designed to work in a 65 to 80 degree room. Right now, I'd say my kitchen is at a balmy 45 degrees. I even broke out the emergency space heater I have for the dog kennel. That is the only reason the room is above freezing.

So, remember to HONK when you come by. You can't really get to the door bell anymore. I will coming running out, it is probably warm outside than in these days.

And once again, if you can't put your tomatoes out - DON'T SHAVE THE DOG!

I am getting these pitiful, shivering, half-naked, freshly shaven little doggies. Just stop!

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