Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Courtnee, I love the name but they should have named you Garbo

Courtnee 'vants to be alone'.

She doesn't want dogs to come near her, run near her, play near her and she certainly doesn't want them close enough to smell her or for her to smell them.

I have a solution for this, give Courtnee her own section of the play yard.

My idea was greeted with some very strenuous complaining, whimpering, whining and endless barking from Courtnee.

Oh, I see, you 'vant to be alone' in a crowd.

She actually pulled it off. She growled and glared and snapped at all the other dogs until even Shiloh (all enthusiasm and no steering) got the message and left her alone.

My 'Be a Dog, You Will Be Happier as a DOG, Smell the Butt' speech was lost on Courtnee.

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